Monday, November 29, 2010

Battle Extraction Robot...

What could be worse than being wounded behind enemy lines...? Maybe being rescued by this battle extraction robot... with a 'bear' head. I don't know about you but seeing this thing come to pick me up with bullets flying by isn't going to make me feel any safer.
The BEAR built by Vecna Robotics, stands at 6 ft tall on a pair of tracked 'legs' and its hydraulic arms are capable of carrying 500 lbs.
The U.S. Army is currently testing a robot designed to locate, lift and carry wounded soldiers out of harm’s way without risking additional lives. With feedback from its onboard sensors and cameras, the Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot (BEAR) can be remotely controlled through the use of a special M-4 rifle grip controller or by hand gestures using an AnthroTronix iGlove motion glove. This equipment would allow a soldier to direct BEAR to a wounded soldier and transport them to safety where they can be assessed by a combat medic.

 via gizmag

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