Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bandage Changes Color to Show State of Infection.

German researchers at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies EMFT in Munich, have created a bandage that turns a shade of purple when and if your wound gets infected. This is an advantage because removing a bandage just to peak underneath lets in germs... 
The new trauma bandage insulates wounds just like any other bandage, but it provides a special window into how a wound is healing. Typically, healthy skin and healed wounds have a slightly acidic pH, around 5 or 6. If this value increases into the alkaline range, that can indicate infection, reports Gizmag. If the pH value is between 6.5 and 8.5, the new bandage will turn purple, according to Dr. Sabine Trupp, a scientist at the EMFT. The indicator strip can allow patients and doctors to monitor for infection without having to change dressings.
The researchers hope to later create a bandage that communicates whether a wound is getting better... 

via popsci

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