Thursday, October 28, 2010

Superman Character Re-Design...

Back in June DC Comics gave Wonder Woman a make-over... this fall Superman is getting a new look as well. This new look will be in the upcoming Graphic Novel written by J. Michael Straczyniski titled: Superman Earth One. Not only does his appearance change a bit, his life story gets a refreshing modern edge that may appeal to younger readers...
This is a  for the 21st century. With : EARTH ONE, Straczynski and Davis inject the folk tale and legend that is ’s origin with a modern, vital and forward-looking energy that makes for a refreshing, epic and challenging super-hero adventure. In : EARTH ONE – the first original graphic novel retelling’s origin — Clark Kent is a man looking for meaning in a new city and an age of failing newspapers, hand-held devices and instant gratification. But when you can fly through the sky and burn objects with a glance – things become a tad more complicated. Doubly so when a fleet of alien ships arrive on your doorstep. : EARTH ONE channels the best tales of  with a look toward the future, by two of the brightest talents the industry has to offer.
This 136 page graphic novel is available in comic shops TODAY and in bookstores next week Tuesday [Nov. 2nd]  and will set you back approx $13.49 (according to Amazon).

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