Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stuck Mars Rover Still Manages to Make a Discovery.

These Robo-Explorers are persistent...!
The Mars rover Spirit has been stuck in the sand since last year and has been considered a stationary scientific outpost. Although unable to move, Spirit still manages to make another discovery.
...scientists let the Spirit Rover settle in and conduct some in-depth tests on the soil immediately surrounding it. Those tests found varied composition in the layers of soil underneath the Rover, with generally insoluble materials appearing near the surface and more soluble ones being found deeper down. This is leading scientists to hypothesize that water, perhaps in the form of frost or melted snow, has seeped down into the Martian ground recently and repeatedly.
Seems nothing can stop these rovers from doing their job. Launched to the red planet back in 2004, they were only expected to perform their initial mission for a couple of months.... over 6 years have gone by and Spirit and it's partner in crime Opportunity have come a long way performing additional missions or what scientists call "bonus missions." Since the Martian winter is approaching Spirit will be going into hibernation mode and will further investigate its new find come spring. Rest up little guy, you have busy years to come...

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