Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Replenish Cleaner's Smart Design.

What a great idea for something we take for granted...
The Replenish cleaner is a non-toxic cleaner that ships in small pods that snap into a long-lasting reusable bottle. Just add tap water and your good to go to start cleaning [you can start with my bathroom]... Also, adding your own water paired with the design of the small cleaning pods provide a small carbon footprint when shipped... overall great for mother nature!
Each bottle has been engineered to last up to 3 years, each concentrate pod can make 4 bottles (64 ounces) worth of cleaner, and the fluid is not only 98% plant-based, but completely biodegradable — it’s so pure that the company says you could even drink it!

Moreover, by providing an empty bottle that you fill with water from your tap at home, you’ll help drastically reduce the carbon footprint associated with distributing the average household cleaner – where 95% of the product is just plastic and water, and only 5% is cleaner. Replenish provides a durable bottle that is built to last, and pure cleaner that’ll both curb the plastic pile-up and ultimately keep your home toxin-free.

via inhabitat

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