Thursday, October 28, 2010

Possible: Apple and Sony Merger...

Whoa... if this news is true, then it would totally back up the rumor last June about Apple working on integrating the Apple TV and iOS4 into an actual TV manufactured by a third party.... and this third party may be SONY.
What does this mean for Sony's devices such as their digital cameras, TV's, Bluray players, PlayStations and the PSP....? Will we see the the Apple iOS running on these machines?
The financial powerhouse Barron’s recently issued a report suggesting that Apple was looking at taking over Sony.
The end result of Steve’s pruning would be a much smaller Sony, more similar to the way it was in the ‘60s than today. But he would have a solid foundation from which to build a new media powerhouse, and the end result, after five to 10 years, could eclipse the reach and scope of the current Apple significantly, and maybe even firms like GE and Samsung.
Whether this will happen or not is pretty slim... but it's amazing to see Apple coming a long way from being a small stripped down computer company in the early 80's to taking over a mega-company that's been around for 60+ years... a true David and Goliath story.

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