Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Mystery of the Honeybee death SOLVED.

It's been known for the past decade that Honeybees have been missing... which is bad news since I love my honey. Not only are they missing, they are found dead and have been confusing scientists and honey-eaters everywhere. One of the accused culprit was the cell phone usage which has been ruled out as false... Scientists and entomologists have narrowed it to a combination of fungus and a DNA-based virus called N. ceranae. They are still unclear of how this duo-combo works, but they found that it does damage in the bees belly. Bees being social creatures, one would think they would gather and die together within the colony [hive]. The reality of how they really do die is quite a mystery...
One perverse twist of colony collapse that has compounded the difficulty of solving it is that the bees do not just die - they fly off in every direction from the hive, then die alone and dispersed.
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