Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Helicopter with Retractable Rotors.

This innovative design concept is currently in the hands of DARPA/Boeing... which is a vehicle that is the love-child between a helicopter and a plane. This design love-child combines the vertical take-off/landing capabilities of the mom [helicopter] paired with the long-range capacity the dad [airplane].... why is the helicopter the mom and the plane the dad you ask? .....well... you'll find out when your older.
It starts off looking like a normal 'copter, but once it hits speed the rotors retract into a low-drag disc atop the machine; then forward momentum coupled with vertical propellors or turbines mean the conventional wings can keep it aloft.

Although a very innovative concept, I wonder if it will ever go into production. DARPA has a lot of amazing design concepts up their sleeve, sadly only a few make it into the field....[that the public knows of].

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