Friday, October 15, 2010

A Guide to the Windows 7 Phones...!

Windows Phone 7 are due out this November and it's really putting the heat on Android and iPhone iOS4... Just to be clear, it is not anything like the unpopular Windows Mobile and totally not the Windows desktop OS slapped on a mobile device. WP7 is something more. Right on launch, it will be available on multiple carriers and on over a dozen different phone models. WP7 will take the phone industry by storm. Apple Inc. is already feeling the heat and taking action by expanding their AT&T exclusive iPhone/iPad deal with Verizon [a second carrier] on October 28th of this year... in addition to adding Target as another location to purchase their iPads.
Their 'Glance and Go' slogan is really getting attention boasting its ability to perform tasks quickly and getting more done with few steps as possible, allowing you to get your info and move on with your life..... so to speak. 
....Hit the link below to see the list by gizmodo of phones slated to debut this November for the launch with their respective carriers. The video below is a review by CellularMagazine of the Samsung Omnia 7 running WP7...

via gizmodo

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