Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dyson Award Winner: Lifesaving Bazooka.

 24 year old Samuel Adeloju won the James Dyson Award with his Buoyancy Aid design. This design is a lifesaving device that basically fires a compressed hydrophobic foam projectile that expands into a buoyant floatation device in the water.
...chosen from a final shortlist of 15 by inventor James Dyson, shoots an emergency buoyancy aid up to 150 metres out to sea. It is made of hydrophobic foam which rapidly expands upon hitting the water to, equipped with flares for night-time illumination, Longreach allows the victim to remain buoyant for a longer period of time. Samuel Adeloju, 24, an industrial design graduate from Sydney, will receive a £10,000 cash prize. His engineering faculty at the University of New South Wales will also receive £10,000. Samuel will also have the chance to visit Dyson's research, design and development centre and learn more about its design process from Dyson engineers.
Check out the other 14 finalists in the design competition in the video below... 

via gizmodo

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