Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Desert Towers to Harvest Solar and Wind Power.

Where is the world would something as crazy like this go...? .....Dubai of course.
The 2010 Land Art Generator Initiative Design Compeition's entry by Karim Mahmoud Elnabawy Balbaa is an desert oasis in itself, with towers 140 meters high that are capable of generating both solar and wind energy.
Balbaa’s towers were inspired by the fluid shape of the desert sands surrounding Dubai. According to Balbaa, “The two towers play an important role in attracting people to the site with their strange look and height that can be seen from any part of the city”. The towers feature wind turbines, a solar chimney, electric carbon shafts that generate energy with piezoelectric movement, and “wind waves” that generate power from the spinning of the inner circular cylinders connecting the two towers. Balbaa hasn’t revealed estimates of how much electricity the towers could provide, but we’re guessing it would be enough to make the Layers of Dubai nearly self-sufficient.

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