Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Conserve Energy with a Rotating Home.

This rotating home by Domespace balances the temperature by spinning in circles. This rotating action also reduces energy consumption with an added bonus of having a window view that constantly changes! A downfall to this UFO looking home, is that you can forget hanging any pictures on the curved walls.... a small price to pay for a pretty unique and energy efficient pad.

Designed as a circular assembly of laminated wood beams, Domespace is the kind of product that we could classify as 90 percent ecological : taking passive energy from the sun when it needs warmth, it can turn its windows to the north when the summer gets hot. Materials are also well chosen, from floor to roof, choice of red cedar shingles suppresses need for destructive wood treatment. Insulation is performed through insertion of raw cork between beams.

via treehugger

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