Friday, October 15, 2010

Charting the Ocean Floor with the Help of Seals.

Aaawwwee, how cute......
We have been using other large sea mammals such as whales to track the ocean's temperatures and salinity levels for years now. Today with the help of 57 seals with an electronic tag fixed to their heads, we can now collect data about the seafloor with a process called Bathymetry.
The tags record data every few seconds while the animals swim. This is sent to scientists via satellite when they visit the surface. Seals hunt for food along the seafloor about 30% of the time, and after a combined 200,000 dives, researchers have a pretty good idea of the lay of the oceanland. One important discovery the seals have made is a channel of warm water cutting across the Western edge of Antarctica.
Another thing to add is using animals to aid with research cuts down on the expenses of fabricating and piloting underwater machines... let's hear what PETA has to say about this.

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