Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cellphone That Uses Heat for Power...

This is a pretty nifty idea...
This cellphone concept by Patrick Hyland may make you loath your phone charger even more... The idea is simple, just place the phone on a heated surface like a radiator or inside your pocket and the heat charges and powers the phone...WALA!
According to Hyland, discarded chargers produce 51,000 tons of waste annually. To address this problem, he's proposed a cell phone that charges with heat. A conductive copper skin transmits heat to a thermogenerator inside, producing electricity when the phone is placed on a radiator or inside a pocket. The skin is engraved with small heatsinks, mimicking a sun-baked, dry earth pattern.
What a great idea... Hyland's concept would lower the use of electricity consumption and you won't have to deal with carrying around a charger when you travel... sounds like a good plan to me.

via core77

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