Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Your Wish is Granted: AutoCAD for the Mac.

Autodesk is releasing their design program AutoCAD to the Mac and iOS this fall...!! This news makes pretty much makes any Designer/Apple fanboy[girl] pee themselves.
AutoCAD, a design program used in architecture, design and engineering that was strictly PC based for the past 18 years will be fully functional on your Mac this fall. This new release will also make it available for iOS on your iPhone and iPad which will be able to support all the multi-touch features we've grown to love. Shipping this fall, the Mac version will cost the same as the Windows version setting you back $3,995 without a support subscription and $4,445 with support subscription...
The company says AutoCAD for Mac OS X is a fully native application, using Mac OS X libraries and native UI features. AutoCAD for Mac takes full advantage of Mac OS X, including graphical browsing of design files with Cover Flow and use of multitouch gestures on Mac notebooks, the Magic Mouse, and the Magic Trackpad for intuitive pan and zoom features, a spokesman said. User-experience design patterns, such as the visual approach to drawing and layout management, have also been incorporated into AutoCAD for Mac.
...the company plans to do more than offer a Mac OS X version of AutoCAD: It says it will release a free version of the software, dubbed AutoCAD WS, for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch that lets users review, edit, and share AutoCAD files on those popular mobile devices. 

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