Friday, May 6, 2016

Vintage Concept Sketches for the Atari 1200 & A300 (6pics)

I love seeing retro-concept sketch renderings. 
Although 3-D models and computer renderings are common in the design studio and have their own advantages, I still have to step back and admire the quality and charm of hand marker product renderings.... especially when it is of the Atari 1200 & A300...! 

" By 1981 Atari's home computer division began looking into replacements for the aging 400/800 line of computers. Several types of systems were conceptualized and in the end it came down to two routes. One was called the A-300 project which involved a new series of Atari computers which would work as modules and plug together to form a complete computer system. The second was an evolution of the A-300 project that shed all of the expansion and modular design for a low profile, high tech computer system which became the Atari 1200XL Computer System."

via core77

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