Monday, September 27, 2010

Suspended Animation Human-Testing to be Conducted.

Now this news is definitely sci-fi coming into reality...
Human trials of suspended animation research is coming to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston....BOSTON of all places!
Keep in mind this research is to aid humans who have suffered severe trauma and not heroic space travelers seeking new worlds (yet). This is great news for all patients that need to go through major surgery. Being cooled down to suspended animation will give doctors more time to perform their operations. Also, this new technique will help reduce the damage done to the brain and other organs of the patient while the heart isn't beating. 
The cold treatment, which is being developed at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and is featured in a BBC Two Horizon documentary, will see patient's bodies being cooled to as low as 10 degrees C. The normal human body temperature is 37 degrees C and usually humans quickly die if the core body temperature drops below 22 degrees C.
Dr. Hasan Alam, the man leading this research at Massachusetts General Hospital, is so optimistic about the effectiveness of the freezing technique that he now believes 90% of "certain death" trauma cases (horrific auto accidents, et al) can be saved once human trials are completed, with no side effects whatsoever... 
An added bonus is that it reduces 'the need for anaesthetic and life support machines.'

via telegraph

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