Sunday, April 24, 2016

Scientists Determine What Dance Moves Make Men More Appealing to Women (video)

Take a deep breath and don't worry. There are scientists out there right now finding out what dance moves all you men out there can learn to get lucky with the ladies. Except for me... I can do a pretty sweet 'Running Man'... WAYO!  

Researchers from Northumbria University say they have identified the male dance moves that best influence female perceptions of whether their dance skills are good or bad. The findings were published in the Royal Society Journal Biology Letters. The researchers say female perceptions of good dance quality were influenced most greatly by "large and varied movements involving the neck and trunk." 
They even made a sweet video [see below] perfectly illustrating what a 'bad' and 'good' dancer looks like.... in case you were wondering.

Either way, it's comforting to know that people are getting funded and paid for this research and there are scientific minds dealing with this whole dancing issue.... 

now how 'bout that cure for cancer?

via sciencenewsblog

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