Sunday, September 12, 2010

Optical Speed Bumps... Sure to Make You Slow Down.

Sometimes people drive too fast.... I mean carelessly fast and talking on the phone at the same time doesn't help either. Lectures, traffic signs and even traditional speed bumps don't always help... perhaps The British Automobile Association Traffic Safety Foundation has a solution.
They plan on using a 'scare tactic' that will remind drivers to slow down by painting an elongated image of a child chasing a ball onto the street on the pavement. When viewed from the vehicle, the 2-D image appears three-dimentional causing the speedy driver to panic and hit their brake. There is also a nearby sign that reads, "Your probably not expecting kids to run into the road."
From a distance it appears as more or less a smudge, but at a certain distance the stretched image becomes coherent to the driver and appears to rise from the pavement in 3-D. The faster the car is traveling, the faster the image pops into view.
Although a 'clever' plan, this idea may backfire drastically... For example, cars may instinctively swerve out of the way and cause an accident regardless -or- drivers that are used to these street paintings may carelessly mistake a real child for the painted ones and drive over them...!
Either way the Optical Speed Bumps are being tested out for a week by authorities at the West Vancouver school zone and then they will evaluate the results.... I'm curious what comes out of it.

via popsci

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