Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is Renting Movies Digitally a Better Option Than Buying Them...??

Now that we can all agree that digital media is here to stay....I have to wonder what the point is in buying an actual DVD/Blu-Ray. I admit I have purchased quite a few movies in my day, plenty of VHS, DVD as well as Blu-Ray. After buying them I would proudly display them on a shelf within a collection of movies that grew and grew only to become outdated by the next form of media. That's a good question...where are my VHS tapes now?

With the growing popularity of Netflix and the newly revamped AppleTV, I have to wonder how practical and cost effective it is when buying/renting movies and TV shows. Buying a DVD at the store can cost about $18.00 and a Blu-Ray setting you back close to $30.00...this doesn't include the time of getting ready to go out, driving to the store, walking around, dealing with idiots and the drive back home. Now that you have purchased three Blu-Ray movies [$90.00] and perched them high up on your collection shelf, ask yourself how many times are you going to watch them....and was it REALLY worth it? You can get a basic Netflix subscription for under $10 a month. This includes shipping one movie at a time and an unlimited amount of instant streaming of older movies and TV shows...for Under $10...!! Also today Mr. Steve Jobs introduced the new Apple TV today. With this re-vamped device you can rent newly released movies for under $5.00, older movies for under $2.00 and TV shows for $.99. To top it off the AppleTV is only $99 bucks, that's cheaper than most Blu-Ray players out there...
If you take a second to compare this with buying a movie your mind will explode and your wallet will thank you. Okay, your $30 Blu-Ray will allow you to watch that movie as much as you want....pretty cool huh? On the other hand, let's say over a period of time I rent the same movie on the AppleTV on four separate occasions at $1.99 a time [$8.00]... that's well below the $30 I would of spent on the Blu-Ray. I can even rent the same movie and watch it ten times and still be below the retail price.
This may sound great on the bank account, but I'm sure the collector in you still wants the feel of the movie package in your hands or the feeling of the hunt...seeking out your favorite movies from store to store and showcasing them on your shelf. Owning the movies has it's benefits as well, such as the special features and commentaries, features unavailable to the movie renters and streamers..... I guess in the end you have to weigh your priorities.

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