Friday, September 24, 2010

iPad Wine Menu Increases Sales in Restaurants Around the Globe...

Some might think displaying a wine list on an iPad at a restaurant may be a bit much... but apparently it helps with the wine sales.
In just two weeks, Bone's—which is Atlanta's most famed steakhouse and has 1,350 labels in their catalog—sold 11 percent more wine than in the three weeks previous to the iPad introduction. Like Bone's, many restaurants around the world are having the same experience. Everyone using iPad wine lists seem to be having big sales jumps.
I suppose this makes sense, if you have too many labels to fit on a printed bi-fold menu... then why not? Also navigating a large list on a large multi-touch touch screen seems more user friendly than flipping back and forth on  a printed menu...especially when you can look up the info of the vineyard and wine label with a simple touch and a swipe...

via gizmodo

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