Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Exterior Airbags for Cars...??

Cars hitting pedestrians is no laughing matter... Japan may have a solution to this issue with adapting airbags on the exterior of the cars with iSAVE.
I am curious on how airbags on the outside of the car can help. How fast or slow does the car have to be going to make this even effective?
The exterior air bags are actually specially crafted car body panels, and they are the design project from many researchers, and was the idea of several companies based out of Hiroshima, as well as the localuniversity. iSAVE is designed to rapidly deflate the airbags upon collision, just like the airbags you have in your car right now. The researchers plan on having iSAVE fully commercialized by 2011. 
Although just a prototype at the moment... I'm still skeptical on this whole idea.... so the car has to hit the pedestrian for the bag to inflate? sounds a little fishy to me...

via slashgear

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