Friday, September 10, 2010

CONCEPT: The Audi Shark

This is the Audi Shark - It was the 2009 World Auto Design Contest Winner...

Before you drop your mouth in awe, step back into reality and remember this is only a concept... and even if it did exist, remember that you would most likely not be able to afford it anyways.... just sayin'
The Audi Shark was designed for a distant future where today's car standards such as wheels, roads, and the physics of reality do not apply. The sleek body and exterior paddles provide the car stability and speed while maintaining it's sleek factor. The riders have an exciting bonus within the cockpit interior as well, as they literally pilot this vehicle in seats that were influenced by motorcycles.

Set to be released in your dreams.....check out more photos and even a demo video on the link below.

via behance

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