Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Biking With Your Baby: the Urban Arrow.

One problem with after-market baby seats attached to bikes is:  A) your pulling them and cannot see them when you ride. B) they're on a seat attached to your handlebars making steering cumbersome. C) ....the whole idea needs a fresh design make-over.
The Urban Arrow may be the answer. This transport bike not only has a fresh new design approach, it also has an electric pedal assistance, an aluminum frame and [reportedly] affordable...
The new Dutch bike brand Urban Arrow makes smart urban bikes. Our 1st electric transport bike is designed for families with young kids that want a green, affordable and time saving alternative for their city cars.  We re-invented the transport bike: a fresh design, composed out of light, safe and comfortable materials, equipped with a powerful German made electric pedal assist and built with A-branded components. 

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Don said...

If you’d like to learn more about this bike – target price and availability; further details on the motor, battery, transmission, and brakes; videos showing riders carrying kids and pedaling uphill with and without assistance – check out my extended review at http://mycargobike.net/2010/10/13/third-generation-electric-cargo-bike

I compare the Urban Arrow to electric-assisted cargo bikes from other companies, and note that this bike is probably the best choice for carrying kids in relative safety and comfort. It’s an exciting development in the cargo biking market for a number of reasons.

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