Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Triceratops NEVER Existed... Was Actually a Young Version of Another Dinosaur.

Those scientists are just ruining my childhood...first with the Brontosaurus and now the Triceratops. Scientists John Scannella and Jack Horner believe that the Triceratops and the Torosaurus are the same spieces.
The duo say there is a clear transition from triceratops into torosaurus as the animals grow older. For example, the oldest specimens of triceratops show a marked thinning of the bone where torosaurus has holes, suggesting they are in the process of becoming fenestrated. According to the them, as a Triceratops aged, its horns and frill became more similar to that of a Torosaurus. Short becomes long, saw-edged becomes smoothed and so on. Having them be the same species would explain why there were never any young Torosaurus fossils discovered. 
 Even if they are right... the Torosaurus looks pretty much exactly like a Triceratops for me to even care...
Triceratops & Torosaurus
via gizmodo

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