Monday, August 2, 2010

Santiago Calatrava to Expand on Denver Airport.

This computer generated illustration provided by architect Santiago Calatrava shows the proposed $650 million expansion to Denver International Airport. The addition will include a hotel, train station and open air plaza. (AP Photo/Santiago Calatrava)
Santiago Calatrava's most famous piece of architecture in the US has to be hands down the Milwaukee Art Museum's Quadracci Pavilion in 2001. Now the world renown architect is setting his eyes on the Denver Airport.
The Calatrava team’s conceptual design has a train station, glass-walled hotel and open-air plaza to complement the existing airport’s iconic white tents. Another architecture firm is handling specific designs for the hotel, which has been in the airport’s plans for more than a decade. Included in the estimated $650 million build-out is a Calatrava-style arced, white bridge about 1.5 miles from the airport to carry passengers on a proposed train line from downtown Denver. The bridge would cross Pena Boulevard before heading on a course parallel to the airport’s runways and then taking a 90-degree turn into the airport.
“We are bringing the airport closer to the city and bringing the city to the airport,” Calatrava said. 

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