Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Peak Inside Japan's Micro-homes...

Wow, talk space efficient...!
Architecturally speaking, Japan is known for making the most out of small spaces. With a population of 127.3 million on a area slightly smaller than the state of California, you can guess why... And is certainly the case with Tokyo architect Yasuhiro Yamishita and his project 'Lucky Drops', built on a sliver of land just 40 feet wide...!
“'Lucky Drops was built on an extremely long and narrow space. So light could enter only from the ceiling,” Yamashita says, speaking to Lucy Craft in Japanese. "All the light comes in from the top. So the whole house becomes like a Japanese paper lantern. People tend to think of homes simply in terms of floor space. We architects think in 3-D,” Yamashita says. “Using all three dimensions, we can make a space look larger, and more functional. It becomes easier to devise ways of bringing in more light and air.”
A beautiful and wonderful space-saving piece of work...Now I know why it's called 'Lucky Drops'. The name refers to squeezing it to the last drop... Bravo!

via juxtapoz (thanks Matt)

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