Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pavilion Built From 2,000 Beer Boxes...

This Boxel pavilion was (not surprised) built by University students in Detmold, Germany. Created out of 2,000 beer crates, the pavilion was part of a course on how to develop structures from a computer model and into construction.... This reminds me of the tower of beer cans I created in my dorm room, granted I accomplished this feat at 4 am, without any class credits to show for it.
The students used computer modeling to first establish load bearing and positioning of the crates. After a few assembly tests they went about erecting the structure using screws and slats, bracing for the upper part, and concrete-filled boxes for the base. In all the construction took one week. The boxes are old beer crates donated by a local brewery. After the pavilion comes down they will be recycled.

via inhabitat

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