Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NFL Plans on Ball-Tracking Chips for Better Accuracy.

This new sports tech by the NFL may resolve living room brawls during the next pigskin game. This system of inserting tracking chips within the footballs will cut down on human error and give the players a fair and accurate ball placement when the ball goes out of bounds...German manufacturer, Cairos Technologies, specializes in these tracking devices. Back in 2007 they incorporated a similar chip within soccer balls. 
From end zone to end zone, an NFL field is exactly 3,600 inches, and it's easy enough for referees to spot a ball precisely when action stays within the bounds of play. But when players take the pigskin out of bounds, refs must watch where the 11-inch-long ball crossed the sideline and then approximate that spot 70 feet, 9 inches away, back near the middle of the field.
...Unrelated to this Cairos Tech, this story reminded me of the internal chips put within the hockey pucks for better visual tracking on TV. I always find it amazing to see how the sports world is neck deep in gadgets and tech and how future generations won't even blink an eye at the amazing advances we see today...

via gizmodo

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