Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nanotech Tea Bag Purifies Drinking Water...!

This is not an ordinary Tea Bag...
In fact it is a water purifying Nanotech Teabag that costs less than one cent...! These little guys are super portable, easy to use and they work instantly. Simply fill the water bottle up with water (i.e. river water) place the nanotech teabag in the neck of the bottle and drink the water right through it. The teabag combines ultra-thin fibers to filter harmful contaminants, while grains of activated carbon kill the bacteria. This is a excellent solution for countries with poor water conditions, disaster areas and even the seasoned camper...
Marelize Botes, a microbiology researcher at South Africa’s Stellenbosch University says “The nanofibres will disintegrate in liquids after a few days and will have no environmental impact. The raw materials of the tea-bag filter are not toxic to humans.”

via inhabitat

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