Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Multi-Functional Work Cubical.

The Italian furniture manufacturer Tecno released the Beta workplace system, designed by Pierandrei Associati. This creative work cubicle isn't the standard office cube that we are used to... the Beta workplace is fully adjustable to adjust to the individuals needs as well as working in a team environment...
Beta is a fresh furniture system that addresses the needs of the creative office. Using flexible system elements, offices can be creatively reconfigured and redesigned, while constantly adjusting to the user's individual work style. The starting point of this innovative concept was the idea that a progressive office should provide space for working on both an individual and a team basis as well as space for relaxation, while fostering the shared use of knowledge. Thus beta is not just a simple furniture system, but rather an atmospheric work environment.
...other than the neon green color, the Beta system is a pretty solid design.

via core77

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