Sunday, August 8, 2010

London's 'Living' Walls of Moss.

This installation, dubbed Moss Your City by Norwegian design studio PUSHAK brings natural texture and green beauty to an otherwise urban landscape... using a series of moss covered arches throughout a London urban environment.
...the project was installed during the London Festival of Architecture as a part of the foundation’s international exchange program, which promotes emerging architects in both Norway and the UK. The project encourages individuals “to become foresters in their own city” by participating in guerilla gardening actions. Moss Your City presents a series of grand architectural structures that represent PUSHAK’s local Norwegian landscape combined with the specific site conditions within London’s urban environment. The installation serves as a hub for activity and provides a great space for festival events to take place. Moss Your City is suggested to be the “well behaved little cousin” of the Bankside Urban Forest, an initiative that brings awareness to guerilla greening projects.

via inhabitat

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