Thursday, August 26, 2010

LG Mass Producing Flexible 9.7" Color and 19" e-paper Displays.

Expect to see LG's 9.7" color display and 19" e-paper displays in production this year.
With the growing popularity of Tablets, like the iPad, I'm curious how this flexible display will work its way into the market... Further details are pretty vague on how exactly they plan on introducing them with the public and what devices are in the future for flexible displays... (flexible tablets[scrolls], smartphones). Perhaps digital newspapers or signage... I guess we'll see in 2011...!
Flexible displays have been out for a while, analysts said. For example, the Kindle's front panel has a flexible substrate, but electronics on the back panel to manage pixels on the screen cannot be flexed. Most of these flexible displays are encased in steel.
Color e-paper could be more expensive and consume a lot of power. Users like the Kindle because it can be left on for long stretches of time without depleting the battery. Color e-paper may not only reduce battery life, but also increase the price of the device. Existing e-paper displays do not require backlights like traditional LCD screens, which make them power efficient. "If they've got decent color and give reasonable battery life, that's pretty good news," Gasman said.

via pcworld

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