Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Leave it to the Scottish: Turning Whisky Into Biofuel.

Here's an idea... Let's turn booze into a practical source of fuel. That's what researchers at the Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland figured with turning Whiskey into a Biofuel. The best part of this concoction is that it's ready to run on ordinary automobiles without requiring any special modifications...
The two main byproducts of the whisky production process are “pot ale” – the leftover liquid in the copper stills – and the used-up grains called “draff,” which together can be processed into the fuel butanol. Butanol could be burned entirely on its own, but more likely it would be mixed with gasoline or diesel at about ten percent to reduce the amount of petroleum needed to produce a gallon of fuel.
Great Job Scotland...!!

via popsci

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