Monday, August 2, 2010

Innoboo Living Solutions.

Designers Kyle Nesbitt and Bennett Counsell had a goal and that goal was to create customizable, sustainable furniture in a way that could fit in with all styles of interior decor... and the result is Innoboo.
Innoboo Living Solutions was founded in the spring of 2009 to create a modular home furnishing system that provides low-cost, customizable, long-lasting home furnishing solutions. Unlike other expensive, unsustainable furniture, our products are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable, multi-functional, and individually customizable.
These modular boxes come in 3 different sizes [12", 15" & 18"] to accommodate the vast majority of functions throughout the house - including storage, shelving, seating and decor. The design includes minimal fasteners for a quick assembly and when taken apart Innoboo also offers a small carbon footprint when shipped. Currently they are made out of, but not limited to northern Wisconsin Ash and is durable enough to support the weight of an average person.
Innoboo has had a lot of recent public attention, Nesbitt and Counsell entered this clever design in the 8th annual Marquette Business Plan Competition. Out of the 40 teams entered, the duo made it to the final round, which was higher than they expected since they were the only non-business majors in the competition...! Innoboo was also one of the highlights of Milwaukee's quarterly Gallery Night, which provided additional exposure amongst the design and art community.
"The show provided great exposure for us, and we will continue to develop, build interest, and push the idea of modular, sustainable furniture to new heights." Kyle added.

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