Monday, May 16, 2016

FINALLY! - The Urinal and Sink Combo.

Finally someone finally did it... they finally created a design that combines both the men's urinal and a sink. We can all sleep better tonight!
The designer meant well by combining the two fixtures for space saving reasons. Also the water used in the sink would be re-used to flush the urinal below. 

On the flip-side, it is apparent that this designer has never been to a public men's restroom... like EVER. Because if they had, they would realize that these are two things that shouldn't mix on so many different levels... such as proximity, sanitary and also it's just plain disgusting...(to name a few)
Great design for a perfect world, but in my world I'm still imagining this concept in an airport bathroom... Gross.


CORBEL said...

Freakn Genius!!! who designed this??

chet rosales said...

The EcoUrinal is designed by Yeongwoo Kim...
....pretty cool,huh?


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