Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Charge Your Gadgets While You Move...!

This is a great little gadget for all your other little gadgets...
The idea of the nPower PEG charger is simple - charge your devices just by moving around, whether it's walking, hiking, running or biking.
By placing the nine inch tall nPower PEG in your bag vertically, it will begin to charge its internal battery once you start moving, handing off that energy to your device(s) as needed by way of one of 100 interchangeable adapters. Tremont Electric, the PEG's manufacturer, recommends fully charging it (via USB or AC adapter) before leaving home, and then using the kinetic harvesting to "top off" the battery on the go. This makes sense, as the electrical yield on your skipping and stomping isn't exactly generous: about a minute of iPhone 3G talk time from 10 minutes of walking, or one minute of MP3 playback from one minute of walking.
It may not be the perfect solution, but having the little extra power when you need it may be a lifesaver in the long run...

via gizmodo


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chet rosales said...

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