Friday, August 6, 2010

A Building Made Entirely Out Of Books.

Matej Kren completed his largest book stacking feat to date. Currently displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna, Italy.... this giant tunnel of books is pretty amazing.

The piece, entitled "Scanner," is a gigantic tunnel of books that is meant to inspire reflection, impose greatness, and confuse perspective. Decked out with mirrors and thousands of books, "Scanner" is a new read on how we experience place.

Says MAMbo: The narrow inside space, multiplied and complicated by mirrors, evoke a sensation of sublime terror, an alteration referring to a puzzling infinity itself created to destabilize conventional spatial habits. Mirrors become an instrument to create illusion and, at the same time, to unmask it. Since the public can easily see themselves reflected in a false infinite – thus discovering the illusion – the problem becomes the latency of perception.
via inhabitat 

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