Wednesday, August 18, 2010

19-Year-Old Comes Up With A Hybrid Water-Powered Car...

I really had to question my existence when I was 19 years old after reading this...
While most kids are lucky to even own a car at 19, James Tuchel develops his own hybrid car that is powered by water, yup that's right, good old H2O. This is a great idea on so many levels, such as... low exhaust emissions, issues with oil, higher gas prices and water is FREE (to name a few). Also, James plans on creating another car soon that runs 100% on water alone, without gasoline
According to James, the car uses the properties in drinking water to increase fuel economy by up to 30 % while dramatically reducing harmful exhaust emissions. The H2O hybrid vehicle uses a 12volt battery to separate drinking water into two useful elements (oxygen and hydrogen) that fuel the internal combustion engine.

.....not bad for a 19-year-old.

via greenoptimistic

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