Thursday, July 22, 2010

Walk On Air: Baby Stroller Design.

The Walk On Air baby stroller won the 2010 iF concept Design Award. Considering strollers tend to 'look the same' for the most part, it is refreshing to see a completely new take on the design. Coming in different colors, this new design concept is not only a fresh look, but also holds many options in adjustments and positions. I would have to question the comfort level for the baby and the limited areas for storage... I suppose you can sling the diaper bag strap over the handle bars.
The pram adjusts to different heights and seat positions facilitating different activities from sleeping to eating. The trapezial wheel distribution offers greater mobility in small places without losing stability. The base of the chair turns 180° and a pendulum compensates for the irregurality of sidewalks. 

hhhhmmmm...and there isn't a cup holder.

via yankodesign

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