Friday, July 30, 2010

This Block is a Gun.

No this block is not a 3 Dimensional Tetris game.
In fact it is a 125 piece puzzle that when assembled correctly, creates a single-shot 45 caliber muzzle-loading pistol rightly named the Intimidator..... wow.
After the block is torn apart, I can see why it is named that. The Intimidator is a creation by machinist GarE Maxton. Below is a photo of the block disassembled and another of the final product. The block is comprised of an array of small pieces from alminum, brass, bronze copper, magnesium, and steel.
Not all of those go into the weapon itself, of course. Because the Intimidator's way more than just a gun: "[It's] a customized set of tools, all necessary hardware, 45 caliber bullets, a standard sight, a laser sight, a canister containing black powder pellets, a secure storage area for 209 shotgun primers, a spent primer removal tool and a ramrod for loading the bullets."

via gizmodo


MaskedMan said...


I seriously dig on these kinds of puzzles, and the nature of what's inside just makes it that much more cool.

chet rosales said...

...I totally agree. :)

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