Tuesday, July 13, 2010

South Korea's Sentry Robots and Britain's Air Drones...

Two new military tech were unveiled today, and the more I read into it, the more I think the Terminator series are more of a future documentary than movie fiction...

South Korea is getting much heat from it's northern counterpart to which they put a pair of high tech sentry robots in the Demilitarized Zone last month. Each robot is packed with machine gun and grenade launchers to blast off anybody that messes with them.... Although the 'bots patrol autonomously using heat and motion sensors, their weapons are only able to fire/launch by a human controller.
Of course, they are still just in the testing phase, and the military says it's waiting to see how things work out before it begins a more widespread deployment.

Next up is Britain's unmanned aeronautical stealth drone, named after the god of thunder: Taranis.
The Taranis is pretty much invisible to ground radar and is capable of carrying a cache of weapons including bombs and missiles, giving it a long range strike capability. The plane can travel between continents at high-jet speeds and it is built to carry out intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance on enemy territory.... and of course it does this without a physical pilot onboard. Instead it can be controlled from anywhere on the globe via satellite communications.
The prototype will test the possibility of developing the first ever autonomous stealthy Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle. Should such systems be brought into service, they would be under the control of highly trained military crews on the ground. 

.....Cyberdyne Systems/Skynet anybody?

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