Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shear-Thickening Liquid = Lighter Body Armor.

Lighter and more efficient bullet-proof material may be a reality with a 'shear-thickening' liquid.  UK scientists at BAE Systems, have discovered when the combined with kevlar, this liquid armor creates a superior bullet-proof material.
Similar to the "body armor" used by some Olympic skiers, shear-thickening material acts as a lubricant at low velocities, but quickly hardens upon impact. According to the company, recent tests in which a large gas gun fired metal projectiles at over 300 meters / second into both thirty-one layers of untreated kevlar and ten layers of kevlar combined with the liquid have determined that the liquid armor could be used to effectively protect soldiers from bullets and shrapnel.
The Kevlar with the liquid works much faster and the impact isn't anything like as deep. They say the liquid could ultimately be used to make much lighter, more flexible and more effective bullet-proof vests for solidiers. In standard bullet-proof vests, we use thick, heavy, layered plates of Kevlar that restrict movement and contribute to fatigue. 
via engadget bbcnews

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