Friday, July 2, 2010

Rumor: Apple TV Redesigned as an Actual TV...!

According to the NYT, Apple Inc is in the process of redesigning their Apple TV. Not only are they planning on integrating the iOS4 software, but the actual device is rumored to be an actual TV.
...the NYT says it's not being designed by the current Apple TV team, but by another design group entirely. That could either mean just a radical change in the box shape, or an entirely new type of product (a TV).
Now if this is true, that means Apple will have their hands on another product area (televisions). It only makes sense since Apple is moving into the direction of computing in the living room with the iPad and current Apple TV. With the long awaited Cloud iTunes, having an actual Apple television set is a logical step. I'm curious in how much a TV by Apple will cost. A 24" Apple display is $899...does that mean a 42" TV will run $1,799 not including extra for integrated iOS4 software...? Sounds a bit pricey to me. It may be more cost effective and practical to hook up a Mac Mini to your existing TV. It may not have the Apps, but it would function as a computer with more storage - just sayin'.

I guess we'll find out if the Apple television set will shake up the TV labels such as Sony, Samsung and LG...

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