Friday, July 16, 2010

Robotic Legs Enables Man To Walk After 5 Years.

REX, Robotic Exoskeleton, is a high tech pair of robotic legs that is comfortably worn outside of the body. The strong, lightweight frame enables movement to the user such as: standing up, walking, sideways movement, stairs, ramps and slopes.
Rex has been designed with your safety in mind and has undergone thorough testing during its seven year development including engineering validation and regulatory trials, under the approval of the New Zealand national ethics committee, in conjunction with disability and rehabilitation advisors. Rex Bionics is in the process of concluding all the tests required prior to putting Rex on the market in Europe and Australia. The company will also be seeking FDA approval so that Rex can be put on the market in the USA.
With the very slow movements and a launch date price tag of $150,000.... being able to walk again for the first time in five years was well worth it for Hayden. REX is set to launch internationally in 2011.
see video below of REX in action...

via gizmodo rexbionics

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Rex said...

Hey Chet, Great to see Rex featured on your blog! We've got more video about our robotic legs on our YouTube channel - and keep pretty regular updates, including news stories, photos and videos, on our Facebook page if you would like to follow Rex's developing story.
Best wishes,
Thomas from Rex Bionics

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