Monday, July 19, 2010

Radical New Design for Bicycle Gear System.

Chris Holloway, a student of London's Brunel University has come up a radical new design for a bicycle's gear system. Totally re-thinking a system that has hardly changed for 100+ years, Holloway pushed the limits of the designer role and wore a second hat of an engineer...
By looking at the photo above, the design seems to expand the diameter of the gear itself with four sliding plates, oppose to traditional bikes that have a series of fixed gears and a de-railer mechanism. Instead of buying a whole new bike in the future...Holloway's design is capable of being installed on a regular bike!
"On full suspension bikes, it is important to minimise unsprung weight to obtain the maximum performance. By removing the rear derailleur and cassette, the mass is relocated between the riders feet and away from the suspension, which gives much better small bump response, as well as increased grip and cornering ability," Holloway explains.
This design concept is so brilliant that the Brunel University patented the design.

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