Monday, July 26, 2010

Mobile App That Turns Cameras Into Time Machines.

This is by far one of the coolest Augmented Reality ideas for a phone to date...This App allows the user, when holding their mobile device up with the built-in camera, can see whatever in front of them with an over-layed photo of the same area taken in the past! How does this App accomplish lining up a photo frame with a photo taken decades ago? ....well, Adobe and MIT found a way!

They're using a robotics technique called visual homing, normally used to send machines to a specific location, like a charging station, in their new software. The program compares your camera's view to known historical images and will give you positioning and zoom instructions so you can best match the scene, improving on the services offered by current apps like StreetMuseum and sites like historypin.
Although this App only runs on laptops, there is no reason why it cannot work on mobile devices. Considering Adobe was involved in the creation of this soon to be killer app and their recent fued, I don't see it ever coming to the Apple iPhone.... time will tell.

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This is a crazy app...i really love the innovation that goes into apps like this we need some more of it!

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