Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Metal Velcro Holds 35 Tons per Square Meter.

I remember having velcro on my shoes as a kid... this Metal Velcro on the other hand has a bit more grip.
A new type of Velcro has been unveiled that is metallic and can hold a huge amount of weight, while being heat and chemical resistant. The material has metal hooks and openings that when pressed together can hold up to 35 tons per square meter of material. This is from a strip of material only 0.2mm thick. The fastener material is also good in temperatures up to 800C. My question is this, if 35 tons won’t unhook the metallic Velcro, how do you separate the strips if you need to remove the material? Supposedly, no special tools are needed to separate the material.
via slashgear

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