Thursday, July 29, 2010

The James Bond Vehicle Museum...!

Great news for all the Laorosa James Bond myself. In 2012, The Museum of Bond Vehicles & Espionage is set to open in Momence, Illinois...! Nothing defines 007 better than the gadgets, sexy women and of course his cars!
The small town (population 3,200) 50 miles south of Chicago is home to the Ian Fleming Foundation, a nonprofit group that owns 32 original Bond vehicles including a helicopter from You Only Live Twice, the Lotus submarine from The Spy Who Loved Me and even the oft-lamented Ford Mondeo from Casino Royale. Those vehicles will all be on display in one place at a brand-new 14,000-square-foot museum in time for the 50th anniversary of the first Bond film, Dr. No. The museum, a partnership between the foundation, the Kankakee County Museum and Momence, will have exhibits about espionage in addition to the vehicles, and will also offer information on Bond’s impact on pop culture and vice versa.

Bond ├╝ber-aficionado Doug Redenius, vice president of the foundation, told the Momence Board of Aldermen last July that he expected the museum to draw up to 40,000 people in its first year of operation — quite a draw for such a small town. “The project itself is a bit of a double agent,” said Brian Vitale, the Design Director at Gensler. “At face value, we’ve designed a showcase for a world-class collection of James Bond vehicles and the culture that surrounds them. But its real mission is to become a powerful catalyst for the revitalization of a once-vibrant city.”
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