Monday, July 26, 2010

iPad Used in Higher Education...

The iPad came out right at the end of second semester that the new school year is about to start in a month, time will tell how the magical Apple device will hold up for the college kids.
Being a college student, your pretty much strapped for cash to begin with. Could the iPad be more cost effective in the long run than putting up with the costs for all those expensive text books...? The lowest iPad model (16 GB/WiFi) runs at $499, compare that to text books averaging from about $70 - $150 each....over a course of 4-5 years, that number can total to well over $1000...! Also textbooks are not known for being lightweight, especially when you have to carry a bag of them across campus for your next class in less than 10 min! This is a work out that could be avoided...
Oklahoma State University plans to begin a pilot iPad program this fall, with students in certain courses offered by the School of Media and Strategic Communications and the Spears School of Business receiving iPads to use with those courses. The program will be used to determine how effective iPads can be as tools to enhance learning as well as how such mobile devices can be integrated into the workplace. “This limited pilot will be focused on fields of study where we believe we can best determine the higher education value of the iPad,” Bill Handy, visiting assistant professor in OSU’s School of Media and Strategic Communications, told Macsimum News. “We will evaluate the academic enhancement to the courses, how the iPad and its specific apps and web-based tools can be integrated in this capacity, and perhaps most importantly, how the integration of these mobile tools can expand the tactical abilities of students as they enter the workforce.”
...The iPad seems like a better solution already!

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